Wrongful conviction

Susan and Michael Dorety are shown on a Grand Princess cruise they took in February to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. The retired Dallas firefighter later died alone from COVID-19 in a California hospital room after becoming infected on the ship.(Courtesy Susan Dorety)

Apr 16 2020

Lawsuit over death of retired Dallas firefighter says cruise line failed to warn of outbreak

Michael Dorety died after contracting COVID-19 on the cruise, and ...
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Dec 26 2013

On January 1st prosecutors must turn over more evidence to defendants

Since the United States Supreme Court decided Brady v. Maryland ...
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Feb 17 2014

We will keep you updated on the Kelvion Walker case

The firm will continue to update our clients and the ...
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May 30 2014

Texting in school zones is no longer legal in Texas.

Texting in school zones is no longer legal in Texas. ...
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May 30 2014

What to think about before a bicycle accident

If you ride a bike or (motorcycle) a lot, and ...
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Jan 13 2014

Firm settles excessive force claim for $150,000

The Dallas City Council approved on Wednesday this $150,000 excessive force settlement that ...