Timpa law firm to release animation depicting internal medical causes of George Floyd’s homicide

Date: Wednesday, June 10th

Time:  1:00 P.M.

Location: Henley & Henley, P.C., 2520 Fairmount, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas


Dallas—The legal team for Tony Timpa’s family will play and release a high definition medical animation depicting anatomical mechanisms of death for George Floyd.


“While the world has seen what happened on the outside of George Floyd’s body,” said attorney Geoff Henley, “we have seen nothing about what took place inside.”


Henley explained that for the past four years his legal team has studied traumatic asphyxia in the Timpa civil lawsuit after Dallas police officers killed the logistics broker in August 2016. One officer had a knee in the handcuffed man’s back for more than 14 minutes.


“We have taken lots of depositions of medical experts, cops and use of force experts. We have reviewed reams of studies on positional and mechanical asphyxia and use of force, but nothing is more informative nor powerful than images. You cannot talk about murder orhomicide without discussing organ damage.”


Henley explained that he commissioned medical courtroom animator, Greg Chard of legal-animation.com, to makea scientifically-based rendering of how the other Minneapolis police officers killed Floyd because it was so similar to what they were planning in Tony Timpa’s case.


“It occurred to me that we could teach people over night what we have been studying for years,” Henley said. “Greg Chard did amazing work,” the lawyer added.“Legal-animation.com shows the inside of deadly conduct. While it should seem axiomatic that putting a knee on a neck or back will restrict blood and air flow, the video makes it obvious to all, including the clueless. A picture is a thousand words; a moving picture is a million.”


Henley further advises that the law firm will provide direct links to the video which will be placed on the firm’s website and related social media.



Geoff Henley, Henley & Henley, P.C., 214-821-0222, ghenley@henleylawpc.com